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                              Monorail                         Bouldering Wall


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                                                Tree Climbing                                     Horse Riding

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             Low Ropes                     Adventure Stream                  Swimming Pool

All of our activities are listed below. Please email for more information, AMPS (Action Management Plans) prices and group sizes.

Tree Climbing
– Challenge yourself by scaling our giant Macrocarpa trees. The trees are equipped with climbing holds and climbers are kept safe with ropes, harnesses and helmets. Beware, the view from the top is breath-taking!

Boulder Wall – Our purpose-built indoor bouldering wall is a great place to challenge yourself, grow in confidence and learn new skills. A session at the bouldering wall includes climbing techniques, fun games and an opportunity for climbers to test their skills and endurance.

Crate Stack – Stack the crates underneath your feet as you climb up your own handmade tower. This activity is run in the indoor bouldering wall and participants are kept safe with harnesses and ropes. Crate stack is best for small groups.

Rifles and Archery – A classic at Living Springs. Test your marksmanship and practice your bow skills at our dedicated shooting range, set in a safe, natural amphitheatre amongst the pine trees. Have a go at both activities within the one session.

Adventure Stream – Abseil down rock faces as you venture down our stream, which flows down a beautiful bush-clad gully. Groups are led by trained instructors, who encourage and assist participants to grow in self-confidence and mutual support.

Bushwalk – Not just a stroll through the bush but a journey of discovery. Learn interesting facts about native birds and trees, and find out how early Maori used the bush as supermarket, pharmacy and hardware store. The bushwalk includes a visit to our famous 800-year-old Kahikatea, one of the oldest trees on Banks Peninsula. The history of the Kahikatea has been immortalised in a childrens’ fantasy story, written by our Living Springs historian.

Outdoor Living Skills – New Zealanders have a great love of the outdoors and it’s important for young Kiwis to learn basic survival skills. Participants will be given the opportunity to build their own shelters, light a fire using flint and steel, and prioritise the essential items to take when going into the bush. This is a great problem-solving group activity.

Initiatives Course – Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap and rally your team to take on our Initiatives Course. Set in a beautiful stand of Kanuka trees, the course comprises eleven separate challenges, all of which require thinking outside the square, cooperation and trust to succeed.

Low Ropes Course – Test your balance and agility, and develop trust in your team members at our low ropes course. The course comprises six elements, each of which can be modified to increase difficulty.

Orienteering – Explore the wider Living Springs campus with our take on the classic orienteering activity. Learn how to read a map and race your classmates to complete the course. This activity is ideal for both large and small groups.

Animal Survival – One of our most popular activities, Animal Survival is like a treasure hunt crossed with a giant game of tag. In addition, the game illustrates the impact of human occupation and introduced species on our native New Zealand fauna. This activity can be trusted to burn off excess energy and is suitable for groups up to 80.

Animal Eco-systems - Explore the concept of animal interactions and the impact that non-native species may have on native species. Through discussion, exploration and games, students will develop a deeper understanding of the impact non-natives species have in New Zealand habitats.

Bush Ecology - Students will receive an introduction into plant identification, with a focus on native New Zealand plants. Through observations, peer-teaching and drawing, students will learn how to identify plants, along with how these plants have been used by both Maori and Europeans.

Water Watch – Explore the lower Allandale Stream to find the creatures that live within. Depending on what you find, you’ll be able to determine the health of the stream. Run by Environment Canterbury’s Youth Engagement Advisor, this activity is a great introduction into a key environmental issue that affects our region.

Walk-in from Governors Bay – Journey through time by learning about the volcanic formation of the Lyttelton Harbour, the successive waves of people who called it home, and the impact they have had on the harbour basin. Guided by one of our knowledgeable local instructors, the walk-in is a great way to start your Living Springs camp experience.  Students will be able to explore the rock pools at Governors Bay, subject to the tide.

Farm Park – Pony rides, cow milking, animal feeding, wagon rides – it’s all happening down on the farm. Our Farm Park is a great place for kids to interact with a variety of farm animals and learn the importance of agriculture to New Zealand’s economy.

Recreation – A suite of activities located close to the main camp that don’t need staff management but can be supervised by responsible adults. Recreation includes mini-golf, trampolines, rope swing, carpetball, a variety of ball games on our new multi-level playing field and the famous monorail – a must do for every young child in Canterbury.

Swimming pool – Make a splash in our heated indoor swimming pool. 15 meters long and 1.4 meters deep (at its deepest), this pool can cater for up to 70 children. Basketball hoops at either end add to the fun (balls provided).

Balanz Bikes and BMX – Using your body weight to steer a three-wheeled bike around a track, the Balanz Bikes are a favourite activity at Living Springs. While you wait for a turn, ride the BMX bikes around an adjacent track. Usually run as part of Recreation.

Burma Trail – Hold on to the rope and pick your way along our Burma Trail, going under, over or through any obstacles in your way. Can be played with at night or with blindfolds during the day. This activity is self-run by responsible adults who will be briefed by Living Springs staff. 
Night Activities
Camp Fire – Sit around the campfire and watch the flames, as you roast marshmallows and recount your camp experiences. Living Springs has two different camp fire sites, and will provide firewood, marshmallows and spikes to roast them on.

Kahikatea Story – Written by our Living Springs historian, this children’s fantasy story tells the history of the Lyttelton Harbour through the eyes of our 800-year-old Kahikatea tree. Listeners will be transported back in time to the early European settlers, the first Maori tribes to occupy the harbour and the pre-human days of the Moa and Haast Eagle. We are currently working on illustrations for this story and plan to develop an audio/visual presentation that can be watched by groups at their convenience.

Outdoor Ball Games – Our new level playing field is a great platform for a variety of ball games, from touch rugby to basketball, soccer and hockey. Be inspired by the awesome view as you play your favourite game.

Spotlight/Colours – Brilliant outdoor games to run out the last bit of energy at the end of the day. Depending on how much light is left, either colours or spotlight provide a fun activity for all to enjoy.

Wet Weather options
Adventure-Based Learning (ABL) – A series of team problem-solving activities that can be run in our main auditorium. Although the individual challenges are different, the overall theme of ABL is very similar to the Initiatives Course. 

Carnival Games – Roll up, roll up, buy your tickets and try your luck. Carnival games allows children to pit their skills against our challenges in an effort to win as much (fake) money as possible. Normally run in the main auditorium but could be played in dining room if necessary. .

Animal Eco-systems and Bush Ecology – These two environmental education programmes can be easily modified to be run indoors, if necessary.

Kahikatea Story – We are currently working on developing a discussion class to accompany this wonderful story. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the social and environmental history of Lyttelton Harbour, specifically, and New Zealand in general.

Code Cracker – Run in our indoor swimming pool, these activity sets two teams against each other in a race to solve the code. Using all your mental and communication skills, intuition and teamwork, see if your team can complete the code before the other team does.


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OutdoorsMark Accreditation

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We have OutdoorsMark accreditation. This is the national outdoor safety quality assurance programme designed specifically for organisations in the outdoor education, outdoor recreation and adventure activities arena. OutdoorsMark accreditation demonstrates a commitment to participants and staff that sound policies and procedures exist and provides assurance of safety and quality. 






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